Angelia Best, The Designer

From early childhood growing up watching my mother sew, at the impressionable age of 7, I began to explore the creative world of sewing. I would take my good bed sheets cut them up to make pants, skirts and outfits.  At the time, I thought it was so much fun to design and create whatever I could imagine.  Although my mother delighted in my new found passion of sewing, she was not thrilled at all about my choice to use perfectly good bed sheets as my platform of design.  Needless to say, she quickly halted that frenzy.
     As I grew older still fascinated with the idea of creating, I entered the world of cosmetology.  With all the Lord has blessed me with, after 14 years as a successful cosmetologist, a wonderful marriage and 2 beautiful children, the desire for designing still burned in my heart.  Then one day while handbag shopping, something happened to me that I can only describe to you as divine intervention.  I often had difficulty in finding a handbag that appealed to my unique personality and price point.  I love bold styles, colors, and fabrics that are unique and hard to find, but emphasize high quality. So it was birthed in my mind to use my hands and create my own handbag.  At first, I used basic cotton fabrics to design my handbags.  The thought of using leather and natural or exotic skins never crossed my mind, but one day while shopping online, that still voice entered my head again and told me that there are no boundaries and be unique!
   So years later I am thrilled and at great peace in designing premium quality handbags that are made from a variety of styles and exteriors with limitless inner lining possibilities.  From smooth non textured leathers to exquisite printed and embossed designs, I've taken ideas, added color, textures, and prints to create bags unique to individual preference.
                              I think it, I sketch it, then I make it!  I marvel at the gift I was given to design apparel and handbags from inside to out and make it completely custom tailored to YOU!



V31: The Name


V31 promotes and recognizes the beauty, strength, and value of a woman.  We are often over looked because of what the world thinks we should look like, talk like, or walk like.  Very seldom does one take the time to embrace her for exactly who she was created to be. My goal as a designer is to use my gifts to help remind other women and young girls of how beautiful they are.